As a pioneer in the Fire Safety House Trailer manufacturing industry, Mobile Concepts can provide your agency with an array of different Fire Prevention Trailers to choose from. Our newest model, the Safety House #NextGen, presents a hands-on, interactive approach to teaching individuals of all ages fire safety. The #NextGen comes with a curriculum designed by an accredited life and fire safety expert. Since we started manufacturing the Original SCOTTY Fire Safety House in 1989, we have built over 1,300 units to date. We also offer Sprinkler Demonstration, Arson Investigation, and Home Inspection Trailers. No matter which fire prevention trailer model you choose, you can feel confident in the training you administer.


Mobile Concepts one-of-a-kind SafetyHouse #NextGen is available in
three different configurations, which can include a bedroom,
theater, and sprinkler room.

The Safety House #NextGen interactive educational environment
is designed for your success by providing a curriculum developed by an
accredited life and fire safety expert.

Our Original SCOTTY Fire Safety House can be used to teach fire safety,
exit drills, injury prevention, and much more…

Fire Prevention Models:

Safety House #NextGen
Original SCOTTY Fire Safety House
Sprinkler Demonstration Trailer
Home Safety Inspection
Arson Investigation



“A fire safety trailer can enhance your fire and life-safety program by providing students and adults with hands-on learning opportunities. USFA has a
turn-key complete curriculum to utilize when demonstrating your fire safety trailer in your community.”

-Teresa Neal, U.S. Fire Administration Fire Program Specialist

USFA Fire Safety Curriculum


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