Mobile Concepts Specialty Vehicles Healthcare Trailers provide a cost effective and efficient means of delivering healthcare to rural and underserved communities as well as disaster response. Our team designs and manufactures healthcare units that can be used for outreach, mobile testing, immunization, medical readiness training, Veteran’s Health Administration, and more. No matter your organization’s requirements, Mobile Concepts is able to offer a practical, durable, and a clean mobile healthcare solution.

At Mobile Concepts, we give our customers the ability to take a
traditional brick and mortar healthcare clinic on the road.

Options for multiple patient rehabilitation and triage treatment are available. 

We can provide motorized units or upgrades to an existing fleet and
transform it into a task-specific vehicle.

Healthcare Models:

Community Outreach Vehicle
Mass Casualty Medical Supply
Medical Readiness Training Center
Mobile Health Clinics
     • HVCS Mobile Health Clinic

      Anchorage Public Outreach Trailer
Mobile Immunization

Rehab/Triage Treatment Trailer
Veterans Center/Health Admin
      Command-31-2WS Spokane
      Command 35-8WS VISN
      Sprinter Command 3WS

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