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Mahopac Falls Focusing on Fire Safety


The Mahopac Falls Volunteer Fire Department chose Mobile Concepts to design and manufacture an Original SCOTTY Fire Safety House. The Mahopac Falls Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1937 and is located in New York. This new trailer will primarily be used for educating children of all ages about fire safety and prevention.

Highlights of the 31-foot FG-31PC trailer include:

  • A lower level living area, kitchen area, and an upstairs bedroom
  • Heated door with an electronic temperature display and audible alarm
  • Log lit fireplace in living room
  • Sliding escape window with ladder located off the bedroom

Bill Lindsay states…

“We received our second fire prevention trailer from Mobile Concepts last week. Our last trailer we purchased from you lasted over 20 years and was used extensively! We are very excited with the new trailer and the improved safety demonstrations. We not only plan to use it for fire prevention month, where over 800 kids will go through the trailer, but we also plan to use it for many other community events throughout the year including parades, open houses, the Putnam County Hospital Fair, and many other events. I’m looking forward to teaching fire safety all year and not just for fire prevention month.”


Click here for more information on the 31 PC model

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