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Mobile Health Clinic Designed to Deliver Healthcare to Populations in Rural, Cold Alaskan Regions

The Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services (AnchorageDHHS) contacted Mobile Concepts about designing and manufacturing a public outreach vehicle that would give them the ability to take a traditional brick and mortar healthcare clinic on the road.

We were able to successfully fulfill the AnchorageDHHS’s vision by engineering a Mobile Health Clinic that features both a reception area as well as an examination portion. The AnchorahgeDHHS can even take the clinic to the coldest reaches of Alaska as the vehicle includes an on board water unit with a heating component to help combat the harsh -20° temperatures.

For more information on this trailer visit the product page.

The front area screening room includes a bench with a storage unit underneath, overhead cabinets, and a 4-drawer file cabinet.

Front area with bench and storage unit

A low-height bariatric table, examination lighting, an integrated ENT diagnostic system, designated hot and cold faucet, 5-gallon biohazard waste receptacles, and a doctor’s workstation complete the examination area.

Exam area

Raised coined flooring and fiberglass walls allow for an easy to sanitize environment.

Raised coined flooring

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The kitchenette contains all of the necessary materials including a single faucet mixing valve, 4.0 cubic fridge, microwave, coffee maker, soap dispenser, and storage area.


This 35-foot length trailer comes equipped with exterior surface mount LED warning lights.

LED Warning Lights

The Braun wheelchair lift with a designated door provides ADA accessibility to the examination area.

LED Warning Lights

For more information on this trailer visit the product page.

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