Safety House #NextGen



Next generation of the Safety House When you walk into our newest model you are immediately immersed into the next generation of a mobile fire and life safety classroom. From the architectural finishes to the built-in technology; this is the future of life-safety education.
Designed for your success Every element of the Safety House Next Generation was engineered to provide a premier training simulator for your community’s residents. All features are simplified for easy set up and operation from the pre-installed proprietary software to the activation switch for the live stove and oven fire.
Oven and stovetop fire scenarios The dramatic oven and stove top fire scenarios require the user to quickly evaluate the situation and make a decision on how to act. All audience members can witness this live demonstration but only audience members 16 years old+ are active participants in the hands-on training.
You have complete control of the system The touch screen monitor puts you in total control of the video curriculum and special effects including lights, smoke, sound and video.
Confidence in our curriculum Developed by an accredited life and fire safety expert, the audience answers on-screen questions after viewing the safety Q&A. If they respond correctly, they advance to the next question. Answering incorrectly will result in a barrage of lights, smoke, and sound with another opportunity to answer correctly.
Pre- & Post-Testing Test the audience on the curriculum before and after the video presentation. This value-added assessment allows you to measure the audience’s progress from start to finish.
Opportunities for discussion Each safety scenario poses a challenge to the audience that is moderated by the instructor, who has the ability to start and stop the program to encourage audience participation.
Audience response system This technology gains you immediate feedback on how well your audience answered the questions. Based on those results, you can review the safety topic and retest before moving on. 10 audience response devices and an instructor’s device are included.
Age appropriate content Once you select the age group of your audience, the appropriate scenarios and questions will appear on screen. The grade level choices are:
  • Pre-K
  • K to 3rd
  • 4th to 6th
  • 7th to 12th


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“My department has had our unit in service for almost a year. During this time, we have used the safety house at many community events and festivals. During Fire Prevention Week this past October, the safety house was utilized at ten elementary schools, reaching over 800 third graders in five days. We aspire to reach 4-5,000 citizens each year through various programming with the safety house. Feedback to the new safety house has been extremely positive as we are able to provide a high energy, engaging fire safety message to many age groups.”

– Brad Hall, Fire Marshal, Spartanburg, SC