Mobile Concepts’ Communication Suites feature the most sophisticated and up-to-date electronics capabilities, allowing the user to effectively receive and transmit communications to other vehicles and members of the squad or group.

Communications Suites, which can be transported by land or air, feature radio, research, video, internet and phone capabilities.



  • Phones (DSN and Commercial)

  • Shared Domain Enterprise Resources
  • Video to support medical, Chemical/Biological (C/B), ordnance and research, intelligence and meteorological data providers
  • Over the horizon communication

  • Interoperable interface with EMAs and other military units
  • LAN with microwave LOS interconnectivity between UCS nodes
  • On-board power generation and distribution
  • Air-transportable on a C-130 or larger military transport aircraft

Specifications may vary. Please call 1-800-783-0213 or email for details.

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