The 35-2Room is designed with two equal sized bedrooms. A hallway connects the two bedrooms.



When the instructor fills the hallway with the safe, non-toxic smoke, the students can practice seeing the smoke through the viewing windows and determining an escape route.



The operator of the control room can release the smoke to either bedroom or the hallway. The optional surveillance cameras are fed to the control room, so the operator can track the students’ locations.



Notice the small viewing window located to the left of the heated door. When the smoke alarm sounds, children can practice home escape techniques. Also the students can use the viewing window to see how quickly the hallway fills with smoke.



This 2 Room floorplan is built in the Home Décor (HD) series. An awning provides an element of protection from heat and rain.



This 35-2Room model that was designed and manufactured for Orleans County in New York features a gel coat fiberglass exterior and awning.



This 35-foot floorplan has two similarly sized large bedrooms with bench seating.  Each bedroom has a heated door that connects to a hallway .  The hallway is filled with smoke while the students can practice escaping a bedroom area by use of the sliding escape windows.  This is an ideal floorplan for focusing on EDITH (exit drills in the home) skills.

Choice of 2 Exterior Packages:

Home Décor (HD)- white vinyl siding, a mansard roof line and shutters

Fiberglass (FG)- Gel Coat Fiberglass with an aerodynamic front profile and aluminum treadplate rockguard


Partial listing of specs – contact us for complete specifications at 1-800-783-0213 or Info@MobileConcepts.com

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• 35 foot trailer (includes hitch)

• Single-hung vinyl tempered windows

• Self-lifting exterior door for TV

• Tubular 2×6 steel frame

• Heavy-duty stabilizer jacks

• Electric hitch jack

• Commercial rubber roof w/12 yr limited warranty

• LED 12V DOT compliant lights


• Bedroom #1 includes an escape window located at floor level and bench seating

• Bedroom #2 includes an escape window with access to mounted aluminum ladder

• Hallway located between both bedrooms

• Control Room “hub” for electrical components

• Decorative vinyl wall panels

• Commercial grade carpeting

• Fluorescent lights


(additional optional equipment available)

• Smoke machine w/wireless remote

• Water-based smoke fluid

• Bed w/hospital grade vinyl foam mattress for each bedroom

• Tempered glass sliding escape window in each bedroom

• Emergency escape ladder installed for Bedroom #2

• Two (2) Heated doors w/electronic temperature display and audible alarm

• Two (2) 7”x9” viewing windows by each heated door permits view of hallway

• 9-1-1 phone w int/ext jacks

• Hardwired smoke alarms

• Activation switches for smoke alarms &vents independently from control room operator

• UL certified appliances


• 50 amp service w/25-foot removable twist lock power cord

• 80 amp power converter with battery charging system

• 12V disconnect switch on front hitch

• Ample duplex 110V receptacles

• GFI receptacles in kitchen and exterior

• 2 Electric Ceiling Heaters 4266 Btu ea.

• Dometic 13,500 Btu high capacity ducted heat pump w/digital thermostat

• High volume ventilation system