This 22-foot Evacuation Support Trailer, also known as a Traffic Control Supply, was manufactured by Mobile Concepts for the Maryland Department of Transportation. It has a .050 aluminum seamless exterior and features a side entrance door, rear ramp and a custom graphics package.



The rear ramp provides access to all equipment. There is a First Aid kit, and built-in storage holds temporary roll-up signs to alert traffic of hazardous conditions and detour routes. It is large enough to store 600-feet of temporary traffic barrier and 500 traffic cones.



The Evacuation Support Trailer, also known as a Traffic Control Supply Trailer, is intended to house the supplies needed to direct traffic in the event of a mass evacuation due to an emergency.

Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) and several related federal, state and local agencies use the two equipped trailers to provide the storage for and coordinate the placement of road blocks, signs and traffic signals for evacuation purposes.

This model can also be used as an emergency supply trailer for numerous applications from industrial needs to man-made and natural disaster response.

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• 22-foot length trailer (includes hitch)

• .050 white aluminum screwless exterior

• Rear ramp door

• Side entrance

• Custom graphics


• Built-in sign storage bins

• First Aid kit


• 100 temporary roll up signs for:

• High Water

• Road Closed

• Directional Evacuation Route

• Comfort Station Ahead

• Decontamination Center

• Ramp Closed

• Shelter Ahead

• 50 temporary sign stands

• 500 traffic cones (28-inches tall)

• 600 linear-feet of temporary water-filled traffic barrier

• Bright orange

• Leak proof

• Modular sections

• Hi-density polyethylene

• UV/weather/de-icer/anti-freeze resistant

• Withstand temps up to 122° F


Specifications may vary.

Please call 1-800-783-0213 or email for details.