The initial conjoining of the twin 40-foot high top containers required removal of 20 feet from each container so they could be joined. Structural supports were added.



One of the requirements for the 640 square feet training area was an entrance airlock system, which prevented external elements from entering the area.



After completion at our factory facility in Pennsylvania, temporary panels were installed for transportation to Prime Contractor in Louisiana. The panels were then removed, waterproof gasketing was installed and the two containers were joined together.



The statement of work required final completion of the single small arms trainer and the conjoined full mission bridge trainer to take place in Louisiana.



Completion of job at location in Louisiana.



These projection screens were installed for the bridge simulator to replicate the windshields of a military vessel. This allows students to simulate full operations and controls of the newest ship in their country’s fleet.



The Full mission bridge trainer (FMBT) was a collaborative success among the U.S. Navy, Mobile Concepts, Northrup Grumman and SwiftShips. Each carried out its part of the process to produce an end product that featured the bridge of a Navy vessel with simulated navigation and operational training.

The U.S. Navy shipped us 2 empty shipping containers that needed to be repurposed to house this “mobile classroom.” Part of the repurposing included fabricating a system that would allow the 2 containers to be conjoined into one large classroom after being transported to the training site.

This highly spec-driven project was completed on the time sensitive deadline given.

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• ISO shipping container modification

• Custom fabrication of conjoining system

• Custom fabrication of water-tight temporary panels

• 2 entrance doors

• 2 separate rooms

• Full perimeter wire chase

• Cable management system wall brackets

• Work counter w/task chair

• HVAC system

• Power management system

• Breaker box

• GFI protected receptacles

• Uninterrupted Power Supply system

• Structural reinforcements

• Insulation

• Interior lights

• Wall-mounted switch plates

• Raised coin flooring

• Installed walls & ceiling

• Custom exterior paint

• Exterior scene lights


Specifications may vary.

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