The Woodlands Fire Department chose eye-catching exterior graphics to draw attention to their 31 foot length SCOTTY Fire Safety House, which contains a kitchen, living room and bedroom. These areas are used to teach life and fire safety lessons to groups focusing on common hazards in these rooms.



The Home Décor (HD) exterior package on Malmstrom Air Force Base’s SCOTTY Fire Safety House includes white vinyl siding, mansard roof line and shutters to mimic the look and feel of a home. This trailer was purchased from our GSA contract.



This compact kitchen encompasses all the appliances that you would see in a typical home. The pot on the stove top rotates to emphasize the importance keeping handles turned away from younger children.



The living room of the 3100 is a scaled down version of the 3500 model.



The smoking fireplace in the living room is a great conversation starter on the importance of proper fireplace maintenance for adults or safety for kids. Safe non-toxic smoke pours out of the front grate of the fireplace with just the flip of a switch.



The monitor for the optional surveillance system and allows the operator to keep track of the classes in the trailer.



The emergency escape window is the 1st thing students notice when they enter the rear bedroom. Under supervision, they each will take a turn exiting the window and climbing down the exterior escape ladder to “safety.” If at any time, a student seems uneasy or unwilling to use the window, an exit door can be used instead.



This 31-foot Fire safety house features 3 rooms for students to tour. A full-size living room contains bench seating, a multimedia cabinet and a smoking fireplace. The front kitchen also features bench seating and highlights training tools like the “safety stove”.   A rear bedroom has two escape routes: a  sliding window with an escape ladder or an exit door.

Choice of 2 Exterior Packages:

Home Décor (HD)- white vinyl siding, a mansard roof line and shutters

Fiberglass (FG)- Gel Coat Fiberglass with an aerodynamic front profile and aluminum treadplate rockguard


Partial listing of specs – contact us for complete specifications at 1-800-783-0213 or Info@MobileConcepts.com

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• 31 foot trailer (includes hitch)

• Single-hung vinyl tempered windows

• Self-lifting exterior door for TV

• Tubular 2×6 steel frame

• Heavy-duty stabilizer jacks

• Electric hitch jack

• Commercial rubber roof w/12 yr limited warranty

• LED 12V DOT compliant lights


• Living Room with log-light fireplace and multi-media cabinet

• Maple Kitchen w/stove, sink w/faucet, built-in microwave and frig

• High impact laminate counters

• Bedroom with bench seating

• Control Room “hub” for electrical components

• Decorative vinyl wall panels

• Commercial grade carpeting

• Fluorescent lights


(additional optional equipment available)

• Smoke machine w/wireless remote

• Water-based smoke fluid

• Bed w/hospital grade vinyl foam mattress

• Tempered glass sliding escape window

• Emergency escape ladder

• Heated door w/electronic temperature display and audible alarm

• 7”x9” viewing window by heated door permits view of opposite room

• 9-1-1 phone w int/ext jacks

• “Safety Stove” includes; glo-stove and cookware-carousel

• Hardwired smoke alarms

• Activation switches for smoke alarms &vents independently from control room operator

• UL certified appliances


• 50 amp service w/25-foot removable twist lock power cord

• 80 amp power converter with battery charging system

• 12V disconnect switch on front hitch

• Ample duplex 110V receptacles

• GFI receptacles in kitchen and exterior

• 2 Electric Ceiling Heaters 4266 Btu ea.

• Dometic 13,500 Btu high capacity ducted heat pump w/digital thermostat

• High volume ventilation system